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Gerber Superknife - An Inside Look

Posted by: SWGK Admin

The Gerber Superknife is billed as "The World's Original Folding Utility Knife" and rightly so. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, with the Superknife is a patented cross between a utility knife and a pocket knife yet more than either one of these tools alone.

The original Gerber Superknife features a patented, one-piece blade holder design with a strong safety feature to prevent the blade from slipping out inadvertently. The anodized aluminum handle houses a solid stainless steel blade to make this one of the best made of such knives you'll find.

No need to worry about searching for blade replacements either since the Gerber Superknife can use most any standard utility knife blade, ranging in thickness from an ultra thin .016 inches to a thicker .039 inch contractor-grade utility blade.

The Gerber Superknife comes complete with a portable screwdriver that you can attach to your belt or keychain so you can quickly and easily change blades when needed. With its convenient one-handed opening, this is an easy-to-use tool that is a worthy addition to any tool chest.

The SK Edge is a newer version of the Gerber Superknife that features all the same benefits as the original Superknife. But the SK Edge offers users a rubberized texture handle for a more solid and secure grip.

The patented one-piece blade holder is still the same as the original Gerber Superknife, and it still features the same rugged safety features, one-handed opening and quick blade change ability. But the black rubberized handle of the SK Edge ensure a solid grip, even under wet or stressful conditions.

There is also a miniature version of the Gerber Superknife with the same stainless steel blade, this one measuring only 1-7/8 inches and weighing in at only 0.3 pounds. The SK Mini is ideal to carry in a pocket and comes with three spare blades for easy replacement.

Each of the Gerber Superknife models use a Philips head screw to release the securely held blade, and each comes with a handy belt clip that make them easy to carry on the go, at work, or whenever you need to keep a utility knife/ pocket knife handy.

The Gerber Superknife is a leader in the field of such utensils and comes with a variety of handle colors including black, blue, red, purple or silver. With all these options, it's easy to see why Gerber is the leader in the field of quality made utility/ pocket knife combinations.

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