Self Defense Knives For Women

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While self defense knives for women are considered a controversial subject to some, the validity of carrying a knife for defense is real. While there is concern that an untrained knife user may do more harm than good with a knife, learning to use one as a precautionary measure can mean the difference between a woman's safety and security.

Self defense knives can be easily carried in a backpack or purse. And if chosen well, they will be easily accessible in the unfortunate event they're needed. For the most secure options, a keychain knife is ideal and can be kept in hand when walking for the quickest access.

While knives for a womans self defence are not designed to kill an attacker, they can provide a woman the opportunity to escape a would-be attack, which is the biggest benefit to carrying one.

Be sure that any self defense knives for women chosen are legal. There are some knives on the market that are illegal because of their size or design, such as switchblades, for instance, which are not to be confused with assisted-opening knives that require user assistance to open.

All Gerber self defense knives for women sold here and elsewhere are completely legal, though there may be stipulations as to carrying a concealed knife. Such regulations do not usually apply to small knives such as those with a keychain, which is another reason these make such a good option for women.

Of course self defense knives come in a number of styles and designs, and can be found in the Gerber small pocket knives category. Many are part of a multi-tool that offers a variety of screwdrivers, bottle openers, wire cutters and other accessories as well as a knife.

Some self defense knives for women feature a partially-serrated blade that makes it easy to cut rope, or a seatbelt, if needed, along with other tasks better suited for a fine, or straight edged blade.

The Gerber Ridge, while small and weighing only 1.5 ounces, is a solid choice in defense for women. Featuring a serrated high carbon stainless steel blade, the Ridge is designed to go wherever you need it.

Easy one-handed opening makes this a quickly accessible knife for women, and liner lock system ensure it opens only when you want it to, not by accident.

Other Gerber pocket knives also work well as self defense knives for women. For instance, the Gerber Vallotton offers quick thumb stud opening in a lightweight, though slightly larger knife. The 4.5 inch 440A stainless steel drop point blade makes this slim knife easily totable as well as dependable.

And the gun-checkered SoftGrip overmold handle give it a secure grip, while the safety and lock release mechanism adds to the user's safety as well as the impact of this knife.

Gerber offers many fine self defense knives for women. Each will be lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to open. While not designed to be high-powered weapons, they are designed to give a woman an added measure of security and comfort. Which is one of the main reasons for carrying a weapon of any kind.

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