Possibly The Best Axe For Splitting Wood

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If you have a lot of wood to cut, pr simply don't want to spend a lot of time on the chore, finding the best axe for splitting wood will speed up your task and help you work smarter, not harder. That's always a plus.

The key is to find the best axe for splitting wood. That might be challenging. But if you read reviews for axes across the Web, you'll find almost hands down that the Gerber Splitting Axe II is considered top of the line in this regard.

The balance and weight of the Gerber Splitting Axe are two of the many features that make folks call this the best for wood splitting. Add to that a forged stainless steel head, and a quality edge retention, and you'll probably agree.

That's not to metion the amazing FiberComp® handle that baffles users. Fiskars engineers designed FiberComp®, a high tech fiberglass and thermoset polymer matrix composition for all Fiskars or Gerber axes, to be lightweight yet withstand more force than most steel. The handle alone may make this best for wood splitting. It's practically indestructible.

Add to that the ergonomic design that adds comfort and control to the mix, a dependable non-slip surface, a complete immunity to rust, and protect lessened cold conductivity, and you certainly have the makings for an outdoor tool that can be considered the best axe for splitting wood year round.

The overall length of the Gerber Splitting Axe II is just over 28 inches with a 3.15 inch blade. Weighing only 86.77 ounces, this rugged, reliable, hard working axe truly could be the best axe for splitting wood you can buy.

Users boast about owning this axe. In fact, many reviews are by people who've bought more than one of the same axe. And when you go back and buy another of the same product, that says something about how well you like it. In fact, that alone may be grounds for considering the Gerber Splitting Axe II the best axe for splitting wood.

The shock absorption in the handle is superior to other, similar axes, too. And when you're swinging an axe, the light weight of this handle make for an easier job of it. Any axe considered the best for wood splitting must be light and easy to handle, don't you agree?

The Gerber Splitting Axe II is a solid piece of workmanship, comparable to any other tool that Gerber makes. And it's almost a certainty that after trying it for yourself, you'll agree that this could possibly be the best axe for splitting wood you can find.

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