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What’s So Special about The Gerber Profile

It’s nice to find a knife you know will last virtually forever and will stand up to anything you put in front of it and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you use the Gerber Profile. This knife is Versatile, Durable and Strong to say the least. You won’t want any other knife with you when you see what this knife can do and how it handles.


The Gerber Profile has so many things it can do and you won’t have to worry at all because of its ability to withstand abuse from everyday working situations. It weights in at 6.1 ounces, but it’s not a light weight when it comes to what it can handle. It’s pointless to have a knife that’s so lightweight that it’s not worth trying to cut certain items for fear of it breaking before your eyes.

Features of the Gerber Profile

With an overall length of 8.56 inches and a blade length of 3.5 inches you won’t have a problem packing it for every trip no matter where you go or how long you’ll be gone. It’ll stand up to the wettest of environments, so you won’t struggle with handling and gripping the Gerber Profile. It’s a fixed blade made from titanium coating and it has a strong and sturdy sheath which keeps it safe no matter what situation you find yourself in.

All You Need Is One

Who wants to carry five or ten knives around when one knife will do it? The Gerber Profile is the one you need. This fixed blade knife can handle it all and then some. You need a knife that’s trustworthy and will for sure get any job done. The Gerber Profile gut hook is the alternate version if you’re looking at this knife for your next hunting trip. Any field dressing that needs to be done, the Gerber Profile will make it easier and less time consuming.

No Struggle With The Gerber Profile

Whether you’re fishing or in the woods during the winter season, there is nothing worse than struggling to handle your knife, but by the same token you don’t want something that’s so soft that you struggle to get the job done. That won’t happen when you use the Gerber Profile because it has a non-slip rubber handle.

Get The Best from The Best

When you’re looking for a knife that’s versatile, durable, and strong, you need to turn to Gerber. The Gerber knives today tower above the rest in the way their manufactured and the way materials used, so you know you’re have a knife to last. When you purchase the Gerber Profile you’ll have all the best of Gerber and you’ll have a knife you know you can trust to get any job done.

When you choose the Gerber Profile, know that you’ve chosen a great knife that will last a lifetime.

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what happen when ya bug out & by some reason or other your knife ends up gone would u not want to have other resorces to fall back on
what happen when ya bug out & by some reason or other your knife ends up gone would u not want to have other resorces for have other knifes on you incase of that reson. I just saying you got more way to make a fire why not a knife as well smilies/smiley.gif
toot45 , February 22, 2012

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