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Having a tactical folding knife is a standard for avid outdoor enthusiasts. Tactical knives have increased in popularity as gun laws of become more severe. These knives are used by hunters, campers, and survivalists in various situations and climates. The best tactical folder meets the needs of the owner by offering solid craftsmanship, proper balance, quality materials, ease of handing and operation.

Having What It Takes

The best tactical folder should be able to be used without worry of climate or environmental factors. Overall, a good tactical knife will be the one that meets all of the users needs at a price he can afford with the features he most wants.

When looking for the best tactical folder, the length of the blade matters. The blade length should, ideally, be between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. The main reason being that there are certain state and federal laws governing the length of folding knife blades. The job the knife will be used for will determine the exact length that's best for you.

Also keep in mind that balance goes along with the length when choosing the best tactical folder. Be sure to find a knife that is well balanced when both opened and closed.

Locking Mechanics

Your tactical knife Should also have a locking mechanism that is sturdy but still easy to use. It should be easy to open by someone who is left or right handed. The blade should move easily but not loosely. The locking mechanism must be tight but easy to release but not release by accident.

Safety is always important and should be considered when choosing the best tactical folder. The blade should be steel and all-weather friendly. You don't want a knife that can't handle rapid climate changes in an emergency.

When you're shopping around for the best tactical folder, Gerber has a number of options to choose from. Consider the balance, the locking mechanism, the materials and more.

Some Of What Gerber Has To Offer

Gerber knives offers some of the best tactical folders on the market so you might want to look at the Applegate- Fairbairn Combat Folder, The Gerber Icon Tanto, the Gerber Answer Tanto or the Applegate, Mini Covert for starters.

These Gerber tactical folding knives like the Applegate series are military specialized for combat situations, although we cannot sell these knives in thier automatic opening styles, we do however have them in what Gerber calls F.A.S.T. or Forward Action Spring Technology. Although the applegate series are among the best tactical folders that Gerber has to offer, There are still many more to choose from.

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