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A Gerber Saw… Perfect for any Need

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Find Out What a Gerber Saw Could Do for You

Whether you're in your yard clearing tree branches or you find yourself in the middle of the wilderness looking for a path, a Gerber Saw is what you need. Tree branch cutters aren't always going to work and if they do, you might find they're not strong enough to get the job done quickly.

Consider a Gerber E-Z Saw

When you set out to find the perfect Gerber Saw, you need to consider the E-Z Saw. This saw is easy to use and not only will it cut through tree branches, but it'll cut the bones so it's perfect for your hunting trip as well. The teeth on this saw are specifically designed to reduce your sawing time, so you'll be able to get through your wood or bone quicker.

Some Nice Features

This Gerber Saw is 5.75 inches in length and it weighs 2.2 ounces. That makes it easy to store and even easier to carry with you. The handle has a softgrip and is made from Thermoplastic which makes it genuinely comfortable to handle. The blade is stainless steel which makes it a heavy duty blade and is perfect for cutting through just about everything. The sheath on this saw is made from ballistic nylon so you know it'll be protected when it's not in use.

How About a Folding Saw

The other Gerber Saw you need to consider is the Double Joint Folding Saw. This saw has a 13 inch handle, but with its unique design it folds into the handle making it a 16 inch carrying saw. That makes it easy to pack or carry. This saw has a unique angle which makes it easy to use and requires less pressure and ultimately less effort. That makes it easy to use in hard to reach places.

Handy and Light Weight

This Gerber Saw has a width of 3 inches and weighs 12 ounces so you won't have to worry about carrying a heavy or bulky saw when you're in the wilderness or in your backyard. It has a push button lock and unlock design making it easy to when you're ready to go. It has a non-slip rubber grip so it'll be easy to use no matter what the weather is at the time.

Truly Unique

When you're clearing your yard of unwanted trees or brush or you're hunting in the wilderness you'll find a saw may be just what you need. Nobody wants big and bulky when you can use a Gerber Saw and have it be convenient and easy to use.

With so many uses for a Gerber saw, it's almost impossible to find a job not suitable for a handy tool such as this.

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Get Your DMF Large Folding Knives Today

There are times when a small knife just won't cut it, so your next option would be to use one of the large folding knives. There are so many to choose from, but one of the best options would be the DMF Tanto Serrated Folder Knife.

Safety First

The DMF Tanto Point Serrated Folder Knife is one of the top large folding knives offered by Gerber. This knife doesn't have springs, so it's a manual open which is good for safety. You won't have to worry about it opening when you're not ready and then hurting yourself or damaging anything.


If you're a lefty you know how difficult it is to find knives or scissors that fit your hand and allow you to work it. The DMF Tanto Point Serrated Folder Knife offers an ambidextrous blade release so it will work with either hand. There aren't too many large folding knives that offer this option, so it's a good idea to pick up a few for any lefty in your family.

Even With Gloves

When you're working with your hands there are times when you must wear gloves. When you get large folding knives mixed in, it can be a challenge to make them work, but that won't happen with the DMF Tanto Point Serrated Folder Knife. This knife offers a G-10 handles with a sure grip. It's perfect whether you have gloves on or not and it makes it easier to grip in all weather conditions.

Features of The DMF

This knife is 8.4 inches long when it's open, 4.8 inches when it's closed and the blade is 3.5 inches. That alone makes this one of the best large folding knives around. It's not too long, but not too small, so it's perfect for almost any task.

The blade on the DMF Tanto Point Serrated Folder Knife is serrated and it has a wedge lock for release. While you'd expect large folding knives to open one handed, that's not the case with this one. It requires two hands until it's about half open, then you can drop one hand and finish opening it. Some may think that's bad, but it's a safety thing, so it's not bad at all.

Get Your DMF Large Folding Knives

Knives can be used for so many different things including opening boxes and cutting rope, but that's not to say you can't use them for anything else. If you're looking for a strong and secure knife, the DMF Tanto Point Serrated Folder Knife is one you must consider. It's one of Gerber's best large folding knives and it will certainly live up to your expectations every time.

When you're considering large folding knives for your next outing, think about Gerber's selection before you make that final decision.

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Let's See What's In a Gerber Gun Cleaning Kit

The Gerber Universal Weapons Military Cleaning Kit, formerly called the Gerber Gun Cleaning Kit, is designed for professionals whose very lives depend on the reliability of their weapons. Law enforcement officers and military personnel know how critical it is to have a gun cleaning kit they can rely on to provide the tools they need, when they need them.

It Was A Collaboration

This Gerber gun cleaning kit is made in collaboration with Otis Technology, a company famous for the quality of their gun cleaning products. With the Gerber Legendary name on the line, it's no wonder they chose the top of the line manufacturer of gun cleaning kits to create their own Universal Weapons Military Cleaning Kit.

What Each Gerber Gun Cleaning Kit Comes With

Each gun cleaning kit Gerber offers contains a non-reflective, black Series 600 Multi-Plier. This stealthy tool features durable needlenose pliers, a Gerber Ultra Infinity LED flashlight featuring a white bulb for the best light; and the necessary accessories created by Otis to clean each specific firearm the kit's designed for.

Keeping Your Weapon Clean is A Must

As a professional, whether in law enforcement or the military, a clean weapon is crucial. Having a gun misfire because it's not cared for properly is a mistake amateurs make. Not the pros. That's why a Gerber gun cleaning kit is so essential. It's keeps everything you need to maintain a weapon that's "clean as a whistle" right at your fingertips. All in an easy-carry sheath that ensures your necessary tools and supplies stay close at hand and are easy to store.

The Bad News First, Then the Good News

The only problem with the Gerber Universal Weapons Military cleaning kit is that it IS designed for military use, meaning we do not have it in stock, at this time we provide the general public not the military. You have to provide the necessary credentials to even buy one. But there's good news for the rest of us. Gerber also offers a gun cleaning kit for civilian use. The Gerber Universal Weapons Cleaning Kit offers the same top performance and high quality, but is designed for non-military use.

So Your Coverd

That means that even if you're not an enlisted member of the armed forces, or a law enforcement officer, there's a Gerber gun cleaning kit that can help you keep your hunting rifle or pistol in just as good shape as the pros. And both come with the Gerber warranty that can't be beat. So grab a Gerber gun cleaning kit and be sure your weapon is ready to fire at a moment's notice. Without fail.

When you need one of the best cleaning kits on the market, the Universal Gerber Gun cleaning kit is the one you should consider.

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