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Get Your Gerber Fixed Blade Knives Today

Gerber fixed blade knives come in a variety of styles, blade shapes, sizes and blade materials. There are different handle choices, sheaths and more. But whatever your preference in knives, there's one thing for sure. Gerber fixed blade knives are knives you can count on to get the job done. Regardless of what the job is.

A Classic

For instance, the classic Gerber Freeman Guide is one of the Gerber fixed blade knives that features a 4 inch full tang blade and a strong but lightweight TacHide™ onlay handle with large finger grooves for a secure grip and easy comfort. The Freeman offers solid strength in a knife that measures 8.4 inches overall and carries its name well among other popular Gerber fixed blade knives.

The Popular

One of the other Gerber fixed blade knives that's a popular choice among users is the Gerber Metolius with its fiberglass-filled nylon handle covered with a Softgrip overmold for a secure hold. This version features a 3.75 inch blade crafted of quality steel for a sharp edge that stays sharp and keeps its edge. Literally.

The Elite

If you're ready to step up to a higher level in the world of Gerber fixed blade knives, the Gerber Silver Trident is top of the line. As a symbol of America's elite Special Ops, this is one of the knives that carry our nation's toughest crews into the nastiest situations and bring them out alive.

This Gerber fixed blade knife features double serration in a double-edged 154C stainless steel clip point blade that's heat-treated to a hardness rating of HRC 59-61. That means this topshelf version of Gerber fixed blade knives is made for power and flexibility, but it's also designed to maintain its sharp edge no matter what.

Add to that the co-molded Hytrel® handle that features an inner core crafted purely for strength and rigidity, coupled with a soft outer texture for control and you'll see why this is one of the most popular and best-selling Gerber fixed blade knives on the market.

The Everyday Carry

Of course, there are other Gerber fixed blade knives such as the Gerber Gator or the Gerber Big Rock. One thing is for sure... every one of the Gerber knives you'll find are made to last, and outperform the competition, hands down. That makes for Gerber fixed blade knives you can count on whether defending yourself or claiming your supper from the end of a trout line.

As many options of Gerber fixed blade knives that exist, don't be afraid to check out all of them.

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Learn More about the History of Gerber Knives

Many knife collectors and Gerber enthusiasts are familiar with the history of Gerber knives, but even the most knowledgeable Gerber historian may not be aware of all the legend behind the company. There are many interesting facts about this company that warrant a deeper look into the history of Gerber knives.

It All Started As a Gift

Did you know that the history of Gerber knives actually started because of the popularity of some handcrafted kitchen knives that Joseph Gerber, a Portland, Oregon, advertising executive commissioned as Christmas gifts for his clients? The quality production, design and even the walnut display boxes the knives were delivered in caused such a sensation that others wanted to purchase a set of these exquisite knives for themselves. Thus the history of Gerber knives began.

One Well Placed Advertisement

Did you know that the history of Gerber knives was catapulted on its road to success by a request from Abercrombie & Fitch (a former-life version of the well-known retailer who then sold exclusive outdoor gear)? A&F wanted Gerber to allow them to sell his knives in their new 1939 catalog, which - being the savvy businessman he was - he agreed to.

The Whole Family was Involved

That one move grew the business so much, in fact, that Joseph brought his sons, Pete and Ham, on board and started a new chapter in the history of Gerber knives: Gerber Hand-Made Blades? This company would become the forerunner to what we know today as Gerber Legendary Blades.

Classics Never Die

Did you know that as the history of Gerber knives evolved, Gerber introduced a number of classic knives until 1966 when the success of the business was so expansive it warranted new headquarters? In addition to a design that would become the most popular knife to be used in the Viet Nam war, the Mark II Combat Knife. Since then, the history of Gerber knives has impacted every military battle, conflict and war since.

Now You Know

There may be a number of facts about the history of Gerber knives you didn't know. And that's okay. But it's interesting to note that because of the rich history of Gerber knives, and their ever growing product line, Gerber has become more than just a legendary name. Gerber products have become the stuff of which real-life legends are made.

It's Only Getting Better

From its proprietary locking mechanisms to innovative handle designs, from starter knives to knives produced only for credentialed users, the history of Gerber knives is filled with award-winning knives that work together to create a company that is known worldwide as a leader in the knife industry. And that's the most important aspect of the history of Gerber knives anyone needs to be aware of.

When you look at the history of Gerber knives, you'll see that these knives aren't going anywhere soon. Gerber Blades will be around for a very long time. Please comment below.

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Start Using the Same Gerber Knives Firefighters Use

If you're wondering if there are any Gerber knives firefighters use, you'll be glad to know that yes, there are! In fact the knife that's most popular was designed specifically for assisting rescue personnel.

That most popular and well-known Gerber knife firefighters use is the Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife. This is not your typical tactical knife. It's one of the Gerber knives firefighters use because it's literally a life-saving tool used by firefighters everywhere. Rick Hinderer, a firefighter himself, designed this knife to include some of the most needed, and most used features a firefighter could want.

Because Gerber knives firefighters use must be accessible, even when wearing full turn-out gear, the Gerber Hinderer is made with larger, beefier features than standard rescue knives. It also features Gerber's patented locking mechanism that ensures the knife stays closed, or open until you want it otherwise.

Why It's Chosen

This is one of the favorite Gerber knives firefighters choose because of a variety of helpful features. This includes a safety hook cutter that's ideal for slicing through webbing, heavy clothing, or seatbelts. It also features an oversized thumb stud with an external blade release to give it easy access.

It's Called A Rescue Knife For A Reason

In addition, to these standard features, the Hinderer includes a window punch and oxygen tank valve opener that are ideal for emergency workers who often have to rescue folks from car wrecks and other accident sites. These are tools that not every knife comes with. That feature alone may be one of the top reasons the Hinderer is one of the Gerber knives firefighters use most often.

Another Option

The Gerber Hinderer is one of the most popular Gerber knives firefighters use, but there are others. For instance, the Gerber E-Z Out Rescue Knife is another one of the Gerber knives firefighters use. It features a bold yellow handle that makes it easy to find, and a design that prevents the risk of poking someone with a sharp blade when you're working to extricate them from wreckage.

What Makes It Worth It

This is another example of one of the most popular Gerber knives firefighters use. The reason is that it's tough, it's dependable, and while it does carry that design to prevent unwarranted injury, the blade on the E-Z Out Rescue Knife is extremely sharp ensuring it can cut through practically any material a firefighter or EMT might encounter.

Built to Last

Gerber knives firefighters use come if a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. But one thing remains constant in each of them. They're built strong, rugged and able to withstand adverse conditions while still providing the performance emergency workers expect. That's what keeps Gerber knives firefighters use ranking high among knife fans the world over.

The Gerber knives that firefighters use are built specifically for emergency use, and are extremely reliable. Please comment below.

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